Mhlengi Mpungose's Instagram Photoshoot
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November 2021

Mhlengi Mpungose’s Instagram Photoshoot

Mhlengi Mpungose’s Instagram Photoshoot

It’s not often that I get a male booking a photo shoot with me. I’ve become well known for creating beautiful photographs of women. Mhlengi came across my work online and even though it had very few examples of photographs with male subject matter, he still enjoyed my style of photography and had requested I create something like that for him.

We initially exchanged emails and phone calls, working out the logistics of the shoot. Mhlengi is a young man who takes his Instagram content very seriously. This shoot he wanted, was to create photographs that he could add to his Instagram page. In many ways this has become his creative outlet and he routinely seeks out artists with whom he can work with and bring his ideas to reality.

The ideas were very much his own, it was a just a matter of me finding ways to make them happen. In this instance we broke the photo shoot up into two main components. We planned some of the shots to take place in my little home studio and then we proceeded to shooting the rest on location. Thankfully for the outdoor part of the shoot, the sun had come out of hiding. It had been pretty cold, overcast and gloomy in the days leading up to the shoot. We moved quickly from one area to the next, shooting a series of urban portraits that fitted what he had envisioned. It always is a breath of fresh air to have a client that knows exactly what they want. He went as far purchasing clothes just for the shoot.

It turned out to be a great shoot. I was very happy with the results we had obtained and looking back at the emails I received from Mhlengi after I had delivered the final product, I know that he was over the moon. Together we had managed to achieve what he wanted and I look forward to working with him again in the future.

If you would like to see more of Mhlengi’s Instagram work, head over to his page at Instagram

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