Lolita's Mother and Daugther Photoshoot
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September 2021

Lolita’s Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

Lolita’s Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

Having consciously chosen to specialise in contemporary fashion portraits, glamour, boudoir and artistic photography that primarily focuses on non-models. It is a very rare occasion that I get asked to photograph mothers and daughters together or families for that matter. So when Lolita approached me with the idea of photographing her with her baby daughter and also wanting to shoot some contemporary fashion portraits for herself, I jumped at the opportunity to do so.

Lolita Mohunram is thirty five year old mother to two spirited boys and the most gorgeous baby girl. She also happens to be a well educated, professional woman who runs a very successful optometrist’s practice in the heart of Newcastle, Kwa-Zulu Natal. To the best of my knowledge, Lolita had never done a photoshoot for just her daughter and her or even considered doing one just for herself before. Like most mothers, family comes first, and doing anything special just for oneself is usually nothing more than a thought. But in this instant, Lolita decided to follow through, she not only wanted to capture this absolutely special time in both her daughter’s and hers life through photography, but she also wanted to spoil and pamper herself a little.

 Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Mother and Daughter Photoshoot 2

So when Lolita first contacted me, the first thing I did was to find out what kind of photoshoot she wanted. Through various emails and phone calls, we together ironed out the finer details and came up with a concept that she was happy with. We decided to do an all white, high-key set so that the Indian outfits that she had chosen would better stand out. Coming from within the Indian community myself, I am fully aware of the importance that colour plays in our culture and festivities. Those bright jewelled tones that especially Indian women wear just add so much to the occasion. In this instance, Lolita had gone the extra mile and had purchased designer Indian garments just for the photoshoot. She had asked me to help her choose her outfits, so she from her end and me from mines, we began searching on popular fashion websites for both inspiration and also the actual garments. I found a few that I knew would work and then once Lolita had an idea of what I had in mind and what would work, she found a few herself and then chose from that. She also had to keep in mind what her baby daughter would be wearing, so that they could compliment each other.

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For a photoshoot to be successful, it imperative that garments chosen compliment others in the group. A well thought out wardrobe can add immensely to a photoshoot and adds visually to creating unity amongst the group or couple.

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Once we had all the logistics in place, I then booked the makeup artist for the shoot. Benita Vd Heever of Beauty on Wheels was responsible for Lolita’s makeup, and she’s someone I’ll gladly use in the future.

The photoshoot itself was at my place. We had decided to shoot early so as to accommodate Lolita’s little one. I must say she was an absolute princess right from the start. Full of smiles and life, she made my job so much easier. We shot as fast as we could, taking short breaks in between, just so that I could have her little one’s attention, and also for her wardrobe change. Once we had finished photographing the mother and daughter part of the session, Lolita took her little one back home and then returned for the contemporary fashion portrait part of the session. I shot Lolita in two different outfits and had her pose in a number of different ways. In that way, I was able to create variety for her, something which would give her more choices to make her final selections from.

 Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Contemporary Fashion Portrait LM1

Once the shoot had finished, I personally retouched and enhanced her photographs. I then called her in for a portrait consultation. This was the first opportunity that Lolita had to see the results of her photoshoot. I had a created a video slideshow set to music for her, and I could see from her expressions how much she loved the photography. She complimented me a number of times and was extremely happy with what she saw. It’s moments like this that I live for, and it makes my job so much more special when I see a happy customer filled with happy emotions.

 Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Contemporary Fashion Portrait LM2

During the consultation, Lolita sorted through the photographs making her choices. Once she had that done, I then helped her choose which photographs would be best suited for which printed product. I then sent the photographs of for printing and delivered them.

 Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Contemporary Fashion Portrait LM3

In her own words, this is what Lolita had to say, “Thanks for the wonderful photos for my baby girl and I. Really appreciated your patience with my lil angel. Precious memories captured professionally!!!!!”

 Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Contemporary Fashion Portrait LM4

I really am happy with the way the photographs came out and I look forward to working with both Lolita and her family in the future. And, if you are ever in the need of a good optometrist, give Lolita a call at Superspecs, you won’t be disappointed.

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