How to Photograph Your Child
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June 2021

How to Photograph Your Child

How to Photograph Your Child

While I’m by no means a full time child photographer, I do get asked from time to time to photograph children. I hope in this article to give you practical tips that you can implement in your own photographs, that will show you how to photograph your child better.

 I do feel that it’s very important for every parent to photograph their child as they grow. There are many situations and adorable little moments that happen, which can never be reproduced on demand in a studio.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 8Things that happen spontaneously and which are very memorable make some of the best photographs, so always try and keep your camera close by.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 5 The more familiar your child is with having a camera around, the more relaxed they will be and are less likely to pose. This will result in natural looking photographs.

 Get down to your child’s level and photograph them from their point of view.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 7Zoom in nice and close, fill the camera’s viewfinder, to capture those lovely little features of your child.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 4You should also zoom out and shoot wide angle, this will capture the child’s surrounding and can help to give context. Just make sure not to zoom out so much that your child does not remain the main focus of attention.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 2Don’t be afraid to include yourself and other loved ones in the picture. As they grow older they will be interested in how you looked back then.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 3As far as possible, try to shoot in bright enough light that doesn’t require flash. Natural light works best for children and can be very flattering.

 Look for soft natural light, whether it be diffused by a curtain or is in open shade.

 Be mindful of what’s in the foreground and background, either remove unwanted items or shift your position.

 Forget about asking them to say “cheese” or asking them to smile, photos like that look stiff and unnatural. In essence you got to very much be a voyeur, allow them to do what they want, express their personalities, let these photo sessions happen naturally and in a casual environment.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 2Never put pressure on them, order them to do things that you want or become all angry and emotional. The moment you start doing any of this, they will pick up on it, their whole demeanour will change and you photo session is pretty much over. Keep you voice soft and make these sessions fun.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 9Trying playing little games or engage them in some sort of activity to get real emotions out of them. Whatever they find fun and enjoy doing will work. Keep your camera close by and only start shooting when everyone’s spirits are high.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 6Also try and capture those quite, contemplative shots of them, they can be real keepers.

 Remember that a winning shot isn’t always about trying to get them to look into the camera, let things unfold naturally, and if you get a shot of them looking on their own into the camera, awesome.

 Use you camera to tell stories, so that when they are older you can relate those memories to them through photographs.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Kids Portrait 1When you are looking for those styled shoots, whether they be for a special occasion or because you want them captured beautifully at this stage of their life, choose a professional photographer. Professionally shot photographs are just as important as those you take yourself, it allows you to be creatively seen through the eyes of an artist, and it’s something that you will cherish, always.

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