What to Expect at a Photoshoot
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January 2022

What to Expect at a Photoshoot

Photoshoots vary in length, the reason for this is that it is dependant upon the number of photos you want, the type of photoshoot, number of clothing changes, location, etc. Generally speaking you should set aside approximately 2-3 hours for a typical photoshoot.

On arrival at the studio or designated location, we first discuss the plan for the shoot. We decide which outfit we are going to shoot first and where it’s most suitable. Once all of that is done, if you have chosen to use a makeup artist, she will begin working on you. Generally speaking, my package deals include the cost of one makeup look, should you however wish to change up your makeup for the different clothing changes, that can be arranged with the makeup artist for a fee. Hair is usually sorted out by you beforehand, occasionally I may be able to provide you with a hairstylist on set. Makeup can take anything from half to one hour to do. It’s always best to work with a makeup artist, they understand how to apply makeup for photography and are also very skilled and creative.

Once all of that is sorted out, I then lead you on to the set to have your photographs taken. I generally start with something simple, just to give you time to get used to being photographed and the way I work. During the entire shoot, I will constantly direct you, both in terms of poses and expressions. I don’t show photographs on the back of the camera during photoshoots, the reason for this is that I want the results to be a total surprise to you. I will however provide you with constant feedback and support. I usually have the lighting already set up, and occasionally will move around to tweak the lighting. Depending on which package you choose and also location, equipment will have to be moved around so that we can shoot at different parts of the location. In this way we can make the photographs of each clothing change look different.

Depending upon the location, sets are usually closed. If you need to bring someone to the photoshoot for moral support, your are most welcome to do so. The person however needs to be female and one that isn’t going to disturb the flow of the photoshoot. I try to keep the number of people at the shoot to a minimum, at most shoots it’s just me, the makeup artist and occasionally I will have and assistant at the shoot. You can bring along snacks and something to drink for yourself.

Photo sessions are generally a relaxed affair. I try to keep things running smoothly and without fuss. I want you to be relaxed and have fun, this is also when you get the best results. As a professional photographer, I’ve got as much as I possibly can covered, so you just have to remain calm and enjoy the experience of being photographed by me.

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