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Mhlengi Mpungose’s Instagram Photoshoot

Mhlengi Mpungose Collage Ajay Lalbeharie Photography

It’s not often that I get a male booking a photo shoot with me. I’ve become well known for creating beautiful photographs of women. Mhlengi came across my work online and even though it had very few examples of photographs with male subject matter, he still enjoyed my style of photography and had requested I
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Lolita’s Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Mother and Daughter Photoshoot 1

Having consciously chosen to specialise in contemporary fashion portraits, glamour, boudoir and artistic photography that primarily focuses on non-models. It is a very rare occasion that I get asked to photograph mothers and daughters together or families for that matter. So when Lolita approached me with the idea of photographing her with her baby daughter
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Why We All Need More Art in Our Lives

For as long as I can remember, artistic pursuits have been a huge part of my life. There are times, both past and present where I’ve either slowed down creating something artistic, or have switched to trying a new form of art. From those very first moments of my mum teaching me how to draw
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5 Tips to get Photoshoot Ready Hair

1. Hair Basics  Whatever you do, don’t try a drastic new hairstyle or colour just before a photoshoot. Reason being that if the hairstyle or colour goes wrong or you end up not liking it, it might be too late to change it.  The best option is to choose a hairstyle that’s flatters your face
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10 Excuses that You Should Ignore when Considering Doing a Boudoir Photoshoot

1. I don’t look like a model. Contrary to what most people believe, I don’t work exclusively with models. In fact, more than 90% of my customers are everyday women, just like yourself. Most models don’t even look like what you see in magazines without the hair, makeup, wardrobe, professional photography and retouching. Google “Models
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Personal Branding….When Selfies Just Won’t Do

Selfies have become the latest buzzword, with everyone from celebrities to the average person on the street posting them on to social networks. While nothing new, artists have been creating self portraits for centuries, and there are numerous examples of photographers from the beginning of photography having also indulged in this practice. It’s great to
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Fashion Ideas for Your next Photoshoot

Fashion Ideas for Your next Photoshoot

For today’s blog post, I decided to show you samples from the internet, that should inspire you and get you thinking about what you can wear to your next photoshoot. Please note that the samples shown in this post are for reference purposes only, they do not belong to Ajay Lalbeharie Photography.

Makeup Ideas for Photoshoots

Makeup application is in important component of a photoshoot. As far as possible, I always insist that customers not only have their makeup done, but have it done professionally by a makeup artist. Makeup artists are well trained and can apply makeup much better than the average person. They are also very creative individuals that
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Why You Should Display Your Photographs

The importance of displaying photography in your home cannot be stressed enough. As I continue my journey as a photographer, I keep hearing how my customers are feeling the positive impact , from the initial boost to ones self-confidence and being made to look and feel beautiful, to the constant positive compliments they receive from
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What to Expect at a Photoshoot

Photoshoots vary in length, the reason for this is that it is dependant upon the number of photos you want, the type of photoshoot, number of clothing changes, location, etc. Generally speaking you should set aside approximately 2-3 hours for a typical photoshoot. On arrival at the studio or designated location, we first discuss the
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