5 Tips to get Photoshoot Ready Hair
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September 2021

5 Tips to get Photoshoot Ready Hair

1. Hair Basics

 Whatever you do, don’t try a drastic new hairstyle or colour just before a photoshoot. Reason being that if the hairstyle or colour goes wrong or you end up not liking it, it might be too late to change it.

 The best option is to choose a hairstyle that’s flatters your face and has very little to no hair cutting. Depending on the nature of the shoot, it’s generally better to get a soft, bouncy hair-do with more volume. To achieve this, use styling products that will hold your hairstyle, without making it look stiff and plastic. Remember that your hairstyle is there to compliment your look, and not take focus away from your face.

2. More Body

 Ask you hairstylist to give you hair more body. One way of achieving this is to have them blow dry the hair up and away from your head. Also try hair products that add volume and curling to your hair. If your hair is newly washed and too slick for hairstyling, try adding dry shampoo to give your hair a little texture and help make your hairstyle last.

3. Pins and Rollers

 Either pin curl your hair or use hair rollers as you dry each section of hair. It can help to give your hair fullness and make it more wavy.

4. Curls, Curls, Curls

 If you want more curls, use a curling iron for added waviness. Twist the hair around the iron as you wrap it, this will give a more natural looking curl instead of a spiral.

 5. The Finishing Touches

 Finish off your hairstyle with a soft-hold hairspray. You can also add a small amount of anti-frizz hair serum for extra shine.

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