Trends in Photography as They Relate to Social Media
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June 2021

Trends in Photography as They Relate to Social Media

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I’ve been in the photo industry now for a couple of years, and I’ve been noticing some trends and ways of thinking. I’ve seen a number of well established businesses close and I’ve also seen a number of new, talented photographers becoming successful because of their unconventional, fresh approach to photography.

 The biggest trends for me though, is the ways in which photography is being used and shared on social media.

 The Effects of Cellphones, Tablets and other Smart Devices

 These have put a camera in everyone’s hands and thus it has made photography more accessible to a much larger, diverse range of people. In my eyes this is a good thing. I know there are photographers out there saying, but this means that they are less frequently requiring the services of a professional photographer. Perhaps this is true to some extent, but I believe the positives out-weigh the negatives.

 For me, what this has done, is make people out there more educated about photography, and more importantly what really good photography is. It shows them how much more work and creativity is involved in producing beautiful photographs. Those willing to look at the differences between a snapshot and a finely crafted photograph, have seen the value of making use of the services of a talented, professional photographer for those special moments. Armed with this knowledge, a person out there can better compare different photographers, and decide that this photographers’ work looks too much like snapshots and is about the same as what I can produce myself, whilst this other photographers’ work is absolutely gorgeous, this is something I can’t produce myself, and I’m willing to pay for the experience and prints that he produces.

 It has also made people realise, just how important it is to capture their memories through photography. With the aid of various smart devices, they are able to capture those special moments that happen everyday in their lives, and when they are looking for something specifically crafted for them, to show them at their finest, they turn to that professional photographer, whose work they admire, not only to own, but to be a part of the creation of that piece of art.

 In this way, photography becomes a visual record of their memories, When memories begin to fade, a photograph proves to be a wonderful catalyst to refreshing those memories and celebrating those days gone by. They become a great tool for story telling.

 Sharing on Social Networks

 Thanks to the advent of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, to name a few, people are more frequently sharing their experiences. This in itself has taken on many forms, from those sharing their experiences of a night out on the town or their holidays, to those using it as a tool for social upliftment. It also is being very successfully used, as a photojournalistic tool that brings attention to problems and acts of crime.

 On the positive side, it helps people to form bonds over those photographs, friendships are formed and in some cases groups are also formed around this like mindedness.

 Whatever you interests, loves, passion, disgust, anger is about; photography has become an essential tool to tell your story, much better than words alone can.

 I absolutely love the explosion of visual stimulation, that smart devices along with social media have created. It has not only become a great source for idea generation for future photo shoots, but it has also made sure that I continue to work hard and improve. The reality is that peoples ability and technological advances in electronic devices, make it easier for people to produce good photographs. If I am to remain a photographer, this fact makes me have to produce better results than people can on their own. This is a good thing, not only for my personal development, but also for the person considering making use of my services as a photographer.

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