Why I Do What I Do
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September 2021

Why I Do What I Do

It always amazes me when I think about how your life experiences and people you have contact with become an inspiration for the life path that you take; this can happen knowingly or unknowingly. For example, having grown up without a father, he passed on when I was six months old, I’ve watched how hard my mum and then later on my sister and brother worked to make sure life was comfortable for us . The women in my family would always put us boys first and sacrifice things that they would want for themselves, always saying, perhaps another day. My mum never remarried, she made a conscious decision to look after my brother, sister and I. She would constantly forego any luxuries and nice things for herself, and make sure we were never wanting. As little as she earned, she made our lives wonderful. I also began to read, just how many more women do this on a daily basis and I began to question what I could do, to make them feel happy and beautiful again.

A couple of years back, I came across a female photographer from New Zealand, named Sue Bryce. I was first drawn to her beautiful work, and that in turn made me want to dig a little deeper. I first wanted to learn how she photographed and posed women so beautifully, and how she got them to connect to the viewer so well. The more I learnt, the more I wanted to learn. I began to find information about why she did what she did, and that made the most impact on my life and photographic career. Everything she said, resonated so deeply and truly with me. It was at that point I decided that I too wanted give back to women in that way.

I not only wanted to pay homage and thank them, including my mum and sister, for being such selfless beings, but to give them the opportunity to reconnect and love themselves more. I wanted them to know that their lives should not only be about sacrifice, that it is absolutely okay to do things for themselves, things that make them happy. I wanted them to bask in being a woman in all her forms, to feel feminine, loved, happy, sexy and at peace with themselves.

I wanted to show them just how beautiful they truly are through my photography, that there is no need to compare themselves to others, and that it’s okay to be who you are. It’s the reason that my photography business is run this way, I designed it such, that it becomes more than just a collection of photographs. I want it such that, when you contact me to be photographed, I am able to design a shoot around you and what you want. I did not want it to be a business where you just walk in, are made to sit in the same chair, against the same background, same lighting and all the person on the other end does is press the shutter button on the camera. I want to create something where you are a partner in the process, where the shoot is designed around what you want and how you want to be photographed. I realise that there are many facets to being a women and my hope is that you will explore those further in front of the camera. whether it’s a formal corporate headshot for your office, a beautiful contemporary fashion style portrait session or a sensual boudoir or glamour shoot. Whatever you decide, it’s okay, I will help you achieve the result you are after.

A photoshoot with me is not just a photoshoot, it takes research, planning, execution and delivery. Once we decide on how you would love to be photographed; we then together decide on what clothing , hair and makeup is appropriate for the shoot. We decide what location is best and when the shoot is to take place. In Newcastle KZN we are not short of beautiful locations. A photoshoot does not have to happen in a studio only. Once all of that is done, I begin to research how best I can give you the result you are after. Approximately a week before the shoot I will send you information on how to prepare for a photoshoot. On the day of the shoot, where possible I have a makeup artist present, to spoil, pamper and make sure that you look your absolute best. Hair is usually sorted out by you, and doing all these things is important in making sure your shoot is a success.

Once I’ve finished photographing you, I will begin post production on the photos. This involves, retouching, colour correction and polishing the images so that they look incredible. Once that’s done, I call you in for a portrait consultation where we sit down together, you see your photographs for the very first time and we decide which photographs are best, and how you want them printed.

I then ship the photographs off to be printed, and when they are ready you will be called in to pick them up.

At the end of the day I want you look and feel beautiful, and I want you to reconnect and fall in love with yourself. You should look at the photographs I create of you and say Wow!!! I look amazing. My goal is always to take the most beautiful photograph you have ever seen of yourself, I want you to look at that photograph and see just how beautiful you are. It should also make you more confident in your everyday life and make you beam with pride, that is what I want for you.

I hope that my thoughts make you realize how important it is to your own being to reconnect, fall in love with yourself and have an amazing set of photographs taken by me. Photographs that will be a constant reminder whenever you feel the need to be reminded, that you are beautiful and an individual. It’s time for you to revel in being a woman in all her forms.

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