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The Impact Photography has on Our Lives

From the moment photography was invented, it has had an impact on humankind. Granted that the first photographs took somewhere in the region of eight hours to take, but as new discoveries were made and technology advanced, the quality and the duration it took to make a photograph improved dramatically. Before this invention, the only
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Hairstyle Ideas for Photo Shoots

For the majority of women, their hair is their crowning glory. Hairstyles form part of their fashion statement and how they want to present themselves to the world. When it comes to being photographed, the same holds true. It’s is very important that you consider what your hair needs to look like for a photoshoot.
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The Importance of Existing in Photographs

From a young age I took notice of the fact that my mum would constantly forego any luxuries and nice things for herself and make sure my brother, sister and I were never wanting, as little as she earned, she made our lives wonderful. I also began at an early age to learn just how
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Equipment Review – Elinchrom D-Lite 4

I frequently get asked by both amateur and professional photographers what lighting equipment I use. So I decided to write a review of the Elinchrom D-Lite 4’s that I use. While I use version one of these studio strobes, the information is still relevant. The reason I say this, is that Elinchrom make such good
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How to Choose Clothes for a Photoshoot

For many people, especially if it’s your first time, deciding what to wear for a photoshoot can seem daunting. The idea of being professionally photographed can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Many wonder what to bring and how much to bring, while others will be concerned with colours and patterns. No matter what you concerns
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Location Ideas for Your Next Photoshoot in Newcastle KZN

Thanks to Newcastle KZN’s geographical location, we are not short of beautiful locations to choose from for a photoshoot. Locations can be found within Newcastle and also in the surrounding areas. Newcastle forms part of the Battlefields Route, this is made up of battlefield sites, museums, old forts and places of remembrance. Newcastle turns 150
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What Inspires Me in My Photography

As an artist, no matter what discipline you practice, the first thing most people ask when they hear that you are in a creative field is, what kind of work do you produce. It’s shortly followed in most instances by, what made you decide to become an artist or what inspires you in your work.
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Trends in Photography as They Relate to Social Media

Photography courtesy of : An Eastbourne Web Designer I’ve been in the photo industry now for a couple of years, and I’ve been noticing some trends and ways of thinking. I’ve seen a number of well established businesses close and I’ve also seen a number of new, talented photographers becoming successful because of their unconventional,
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The Story of Ajay Lalbeharie

I finally got into it because I wanted to get out of the class I was in. The following year we got a new art teacher, and art along with woodwork was the only combination available. I took it, never knowing at the time, what a big impact it would have on my life and
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