Tarryn's Vintage Valentines Pin-up Photoshoot
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June 2021

Tarryn’s Vintage Valentines Pin-up Photoshoot

Tarryn’s Vintage Valentines Pin-up Photoshoot

I learnt of Tarryn Venter via a friend of hers that I was supposed to do a shoot with. She had enquired if I use makeup artists on my shoots, and I asked her to put me into contact with Tarryn. I originally had contacted her, to find out about a location in Newcastle KZN, that she had shot in. I had a model coming down from Durban to shoot with me and was going to use Tarryn’s makeup artistry on that shoot. The shoot however fell through, but Tarryn and I kept in contact.

A few months later, I got and idea to do a Vintage Valentines Pin-up Photoshoot. The idea was to create something vintage inspired for Valentines, something I could design an advertisement around. I wanted to give the local ladies, something different that they could gift to their husbands or boyfriends.

I was having difficulty finding a model and had enquired from Tarryn if she knew of someone that we could use for the shoot. Tarryn emailed me back, saying that she herself was very interested in doing something like this. I had seen some of her modelling work with other photographers, and I really like her look, I thought she would fit perfectly into this pin-up inspired shoot.

I began developing the idea shortly thereafter, looking for props and backdrops. I knew I wanted a red, black and white theme, as it would fit Valentines perfectly. Props were proving difficult to find. I originally wanted a vintage telephone in the shoot, but couldn’t find one. I then came across some vintage folding cameras on an auction website and bid for those and won. I had also placed an order for a beautiful chaise lounge to be made in white. The manufacturer however, made and shipped the item too late and I was unable to make use of that for the shoot. Sometimes these things happen on photoshoots, and you have no choice but to modify the shoot and keep on moving forward.

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Tarryn had ideas for the clothing and accessories for the shoot and that was incorporated into the it. It’s always wonderful, when people involved in the shoot, show extra initiative and come in with additional ideas, props, etc. For me, that is a big plus, because it shows that they are invested in the shoot and want it to be a success.

Once we had all the logistics in place, I began researching the genre of pin-up further. I paid close attention to the style of lingerie and attire, hair, makeup, poses and expressions. There wasn’t much photography on the internet done during that period, I did however find a lot of illustrations from the likes of Elvgren from that period. His artworks are considered the epitome of the pin-up genre. Google it when you get the chance, they are really fun and humorous. Photographically, I looked at modern day pin-up photographers, and drew much inspiration from them.


On the day of the shoot, I made the set in my lounge. I moved some furniture out to give me enough room. What most people don’t realise, is that, photography can take place anywhere. It does not have to be in a studio. One can set up inside a house, or on location somewhere and achieve beautiful results. It all comes down to the suitability of the location, and what you want the end result to look like. As a creative photographer, I’m routinely asked to shoot in a variety of places and situations, it’s important that I’m able to adapt and produce good results.

Tarryn was dropped off at the shoot by her boyfriend, he however did not stay at the shoot. Her makeup was already beautifully done and she was also dressed when she arrived, so all I had to do was move her on to the set, do my final lighting checks and we began shooting. Throughout the entire shoot, I directed Tarryn on how I wanted the pose and expressions. She took the direction very well and made it very easy for me.

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It was a really fun shoot, and to this day, the photos I created with Tarryn are some of my favourites. They still form part of my portfolio that I show to prospective customers.

I’ve worked with Tarryn as my makeup artist a number of times after that. She’s become a firm favourite, if you ladies are ever in the need of a talented makeup artist, do consider her, she always delivers as promised.

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