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Mhlengi Mpungose’s Instagram Photoshoot

Mhlengi Mpungose Collage Ajay Lalbeharie Photography

It’s not often that I get a male booking a photo shoot with me. I’ve become well known for creating beautiful photographs of women. Mhlengi came across my work online and even though it had very few examples of photographs with male subject matter, he still enjoyed my style of photography and had requested I
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What to Expect at a Photoshoot

Photoshoots vary in length, the reason for this is that it is dependant upon the number of photos you want, the type of photoshoot, number of clothing changes, location, etc. Generally speaking you should set aside approximately 2-3 hours for a typical photoshoot. On arrival at the studio or designated location, we first discuss the
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How to Photograph Your Child

How to Photograph Your Child

While I’m by no means a full time child photographer, I do get asked from time to time to photograph children. I hope in this article to give you practical tips that you can implement in your own photographs, that will show you how to photograph your child better.  I do feel that it’s very
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Leoni’s Fashion Portrait and Beauty Shoot

Leoni’s Fashion Portrait and Beauty Shoot

Tarryn, my makeup artist had wanted to do a shoot to update her portfolio. She came up with the concept herself, wanting to shoot someone with more dramatic makeup and super long eyelashes. She also had wanted to shoot it against a pink backdrop. For this particular shoot, Tarryn did all the planning, she figured
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