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Lolita’s Mother and Daughter Photoshoot

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Mother and Daughter Photoshoot 1

Having consciously chosen to specialise in contemporary fashion portraits, glamour, boudoir and artistic photography that primarily focuses on non-models. It is a very rare occasion that I get asked to photograph mothers and daughters together or families for that matter. So when Lolita approached me with the idea of photographing her with her baby daughter
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How to Photograph Your Child

How to Photograph Your Child

While I’m by no means a full time child photographer, I do get asked from time to time to photograph children. I hope in this article to give you practical tips that you can implement in your own photographs, that will show you how to photograph your child better.  I do feel that it’s very
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The Importance of Existing in Photographs

From a young age I took notice of the fact that my mum would constantly forego any luxuries and nice things for herself and make sure my brother, sister and I were never wanting, as little as she earned, she made our lives wonderful. I also began at an early age to learn just how
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The Story of Ajay Lalbeharie

I finally got into it because I wanted to get out of the class I was in. The following year we got a new art teacher, and art along with woodwork was the only combination available. I took it, never knowing at the time, what a big impact it would have on my life and
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