Personal Branding...When Selfies Just Won't Do
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September 2021

Personal Branding….When Selfies Just Won’t Do

Selfies have become the latest buzzword, with everyone from celebrities to the average person on the street posting them on to social networks. While nothing new, artists have been creating self portraits for centuries, and there are numerous examples of photographers from the beginning of photography having also indulged in this practice.

It’s great to see those shots of you at some party or gathering where you can be a part of the picture. What’s not so great is those shots people take in the bathrooms or sitting at their work station, etc. The majority of the time, selfies tend to be blurry, dark and poorly executed. I get that you want to show the world the cute outfit you are wearing today or have people see who you are hanging out with, but is it really that difficult to ask somebody to take a photo of you? Make use of family and friends, get them to take the shot while you concentrate on pose and expression, while not ideal, it will be a whole lot better that a photo of you with a camera in front of your face.

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No matter what your profession is, or is going to be, you have a personal brand. With the rise of social networks, each and everyone of us has had to become our very own PR agent. The image we put out into the world, is the one that people will associate you with. So, if you are a fun loving person and you put out pictures showing that, then that’s what people will see you as. The same holds true if you are a successful business person, teacher, athlete, etc. Now what does a photo of you in the bathroom convey? Is it selling your personal brand to people and are you conveying the right message of who you are?

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It’s important to think about how what you are putting on the internet is affecting your personal brand. Whether we like it or not, people decide to employ you, work with you and do business with you based on what they perceive you to be. Now, I’m not saying that you have to be good looking in order for people wanting to work with or be around you, what I am saying is that the personality type you show them through your photos is going to be how they see you. If it’s professional, approachable, kind, etc. they are more likely to want to work with you, but if on the other hand you have not taken care of how you portray yourself and where you are taking these photos, it send a very clear message to people that you are not serious, and that you can’t take care of their business if you can’t take care of your own personal brand.

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When you are serious about your personal brand, one of the first things that you should do, is to have your photos professionally done for your website, social media and any printed media that has your photo on it. Professional does not mean stiff and boring photos, allow you personality to shine through, give people an idea of what you love doing. You’ve been paging through magazines pretty much your whole life, so create photographs that are higher end magazine quality. Publications have long known that this is what sells magazines, so use that same approach for your personal brand. The photoshoot does not have to take place in a studio either, look at doing it outdoors, or in some beautiful location, the possibilities are endless. Create photography that is memorable to the onlooker and showcases who you are in the best possible way. That first image on your social media page or website, should stop people in their tracks and say wow!!! that’s somebody I’d like to get to know or do business with. Get people to sit up and take notice of you, let them see that you are confident and serious about who you are and what you are capable of.

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