Natasha's Outdoor Autumn Fashion Photoshoot
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September 2021

Natasha’s Outdoor Autumn Fashion Photoshoot

Natasha’s Outdoor Autumn Fashion Photoshoot

Natasha is a model, from Newcastle KZN, that I met online. I had come across her profile on Facebook, while looking for people I could work with on future photoshoots. I absolutely loved her look and felt she had great potential to go far in the modelling world.

Looking to try something different from what I normally shoot, I came up with an idea to do an Autumn inspired shoot. With the leaves starting to take on golden hues and fiery reds, I set out to find a location that would be suitable to capture this. I came across this little playground, with a number of majestic old trees, that were already turning shades of yellow and brown. I stopped the car, had a look around and thought this particular location had lots of potential.

I contacted Natasha and ran the idea I had for the shoot by her. She loved the idea and we began trying to fit each other into our busy schedules. A few emails back and forth between us and we had the logistics of the shoot in place.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Outdoor Fashion

The day of the shoot was the first time I met Natasha face to face. She already was dressed and had her hair and makeup done. She looked absolutely amazing and I knew that I could easily get great results with her. Natasha had arrived with her mum, we introduced ourselves to each other, and I must say we got on very well. It was as if we knew each other from a long time before.

While my sister, who was assisting me on the photoshoot chatted to Natasha and her mum, I quickly set up my lighting. We then began shooting shortly thereafter and I must say that Natasha made it very easy for me. She not only took my direction very well, but she also came up with many of the poses on her one. For large parts of the shoot, I just let her freestyle pose, this in fact freed me up to concentrate on my photography and lighting. We started off with Natasha in the leopard print and black outfit. I placed her in front of a large tree that had a very interesting pattern made by the bark. The pattern loosely mimicked the pattern on her shirt. It also provided a nice contrast to her outfit in terms of colour, in this way I was able to draw more attention to her.

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I had originally decided to shoot just the one outfit, but Natasha came a lot more prepared, without me even having to ask. You got to love a person who comes to a photoshoot, not only prepared, but willing to go the extra mile. I was a bit worried about where she was going to change, because I had not taken that into account when planning the shoot. Natasha however was, she had this long black cape that she tied around her neck and covered her body from neck down to her toes. She and her mum stood behind the tree we shooting in front of, this was broad enough to keep her hidden from any passer-by’s.


I left the lighting in the same position and Natasha emerged from behind the tree wearing a gorgeous yellow and black outfit. I first shot a few of her against the tree and then decided that I wanted to shoot a few of her lying on the ground, amongst all the leaves that had fallen. I had Natasha lie on the ground, arranged some of the leaves around her and also put some in her hair. I shot this from above and made a combination of full length and close-up shots of her face. I absolutely loved the way these photographs were looking, the contrast between her outfit and the colour and texture of all the leaves looked amazing. I knew these would look equally good in colour and, black and white.


Natasha still had one more outfit in her bag of tricks. She quickly disappeared behind the tree to change once again. Whilst she got ready, my sister helped me to move the lighting to another part of the playground. Looking at the colours of her outfit, I wanted to play that off the yellow of the trees. For this, I shot a mixture of her laying down, sitting amongst the leaves, and for the standing shots, I wanted her to look like she was having fun. I had both her mum and my sister, throw handfuls of leaves above her. As they cascaded down, I shot a series of photographs.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Autumn Fashion

All in all, it was a fun day and we got excellent results from the photoshoot. Natasha’s photographs are still amongst some of my personal favourites, and can be found proudly displayed in my portfolio.

Ajay Lalbeharie Photography Autmun Outdoor Fashion 2

I must thank Natasha’s mum for being such a great help on the shoot. She took care of Natasha, her wardrobe, makeup and hair. I also must thank my sister for playing photographer’s assistant on this shoot, while this is not her day job, she performed very well in it. Lastly, I must thank Natasha for the wonderful shoot, for being so professional and invested in the shoot. I look forward to working with her again and creating more amazing photographs.

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