Leoni's Fashion Portrait and Beauty Shoot
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September 2021

Leoni’s Fashion Portrait and Beauty Shoot

Leoni’s Fashion Portrait and Beauty Shoot

Tarryn, my makeup artist had wanted to do a shoot to update her portfolio. She came up with the concept herself, wanting to shoot someone with more dramatic makeup and super long eyelashes. She also had wanted to shoot it against a pink backdrop. For this particular shoot, Tarryn did all the planning, she figured out the concept, found reference shots, bought the fabric used for the backdrop, etc.

She contacted and ran her idea by me to see if I was interested in helping her out. I absolutely loved the concept, and jumped on board. I’ve been wanting to do a fashion portrait and beauty shoot in one for a long time.


Tarryn also told me not to worry about finding a model because she already had someone perfect for the shoot in mind. In fact the first time I had seen Leoni, was when she arrived with Tarryn for the shoot. Tarryn had already done her makeup in order to save time and she only had to sort her hair out once she got to my place. I could already see why Tarryn chose Leoni, she looked absolutely stunning, had a really bubbly personality and it was really easy to be around her.

Leoni Fashion Portrait


I already had the studio set up at my place in Newcastle Kzn and I waited for Tarryn to get Leoni’s hair done. Once that was done, I walked Leoni on to the set and did my final lighting checks based on her. I shot a series of closeup headshots, half and three quarter length shots against the pink backdrop. Both Tarryn and I were very happy with the results of that. Leoni took direction very well and was also game for me experimenting a little with my photography while she posed. I removed the pink backdrop and then shot against a white one, the idea was to create a high key look, very similar to what you see in fashion magazines from time to time. I kept the lighting style similar to the first part of the photoshoot, just so that it would tie in with it.

Fashion Portrait 27


Sometimes shooting against plain backgrounds are really cool, primarily because they don’t compete for attention, the person in the photograph becomes a strong centre of interest. Whether white or coloured, I can see myself shooting more against backgrounds like this in the future.

Leoni Fashion Portrait - High Key

By the way, at the time of the photoshoot, Leoni was a young mom to the cutest little red headed boy you have ever seen. She had never posed for a professional photoshoot before, so in many ways, she’s my typical client. I say this because a lot of women who contact me, have never been professionally photographed before. It’s something they’ve thought about, but never got around to doing. I hope that many more women, like Leoni, will throw caution to the wind and try something different like a photoshoot. You will find it quite an uplifting experience that will surely improve your self confidence, and they way you feel about yourself.

This particular shoot has become one of my firm favourites, in fact so much so, that you will find a number of the photographs being used by me in my marketing material.

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