The Importance of Existing in Photographs
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January 2021

The Importance of Existing in Photographs

From a young age I took notice of the fact that my mum would constantly forego any luxuries and nice things for herself and make sure my brother, sister and I were never wanting, as little as she earned, she made our lives wonderful. I also began at an early age to learn just how many more women do this on a daily basis and later in life I began to question what could I do to make them feel happy and beautiful again. I also wanted them to know that it’s okay to spoil yourself whenever you feel the need. You want to buy that new red dress, go for that spa day, or perhaps that photoshoot you always dreamed of, go right ahead and do it, it’s okay, you deserve to be pampered and spoilt.

 Now if you are one of those people who doesn’t want to be in front of the camera for whatever the reason, my advice to you is to please allow yourself the space to experience this. You shouldn’t wait until you lose those 10 kilos because that may take a while and life is too short to wait. Those who love you are not going to care that you had that extra weight on you at that time, instead they will appreciate those photos when they are older. The fact is that a photographer skilled in lighting and posing, can make you look slimmer. Nobody knows what the future holds for us, so it’s important that we create memorable photos of ourselves and those we love while we still have the chance to do so. Nothing ignites the spark of memory like a photograph and you should make it a personal goal to have professional photographs made at least once a year. Photography is an investment, so choose the best, let them capture your memories. The fact is that the worth of those photographs grow massively as time passes, there’s absolutely no way you can go back and capture that specific time in your life again. What can be more regrettable than saying I wish I had done that photoshoot when I had the chance. Your memories are not cheap, so don’t choose a photographer based on price, rather do so based on his talent and skill at capturing your memories, in the best possible way. Pay him for his artistic vision and his love for wanting to create the best photographs, you have ever seen of yourself.

 Bottom line, get those photoshoots scheduled TODAY. Stop waiting for the right time, make the time to get those photos done while you can.

 It is important to exist in photos for both yourself, and your loved ones. Life throws us many curveballs, if you keep waiting, you may never get the chance to create those photographs.

 Photography also has the power to reignite the love in old relationships or strengthen the bonds in new ones. Many times I’ve photographed women and they would phone me back telling me how it improved their relationships with their life partner or family. Passion that was once lost, gets rediscovered, partners are reminded of how beautiful and special the person is in those photographs. They also found that they were not being taken for granted and this rediscovery was impacting positively on them both. Relationships need constant nurturing, sometimes people become too comfortable and forget that they still have to work on that relationship and making each other feel loved and special.

 Beautifully crafted photography can positively change the way you see and feel about yourself. I’ve watched as people who were once shy, portray a newfound confidence after being photographed by me and seeing the final results. More than anything else, I want the person I’m photographing to fall in love with themselves.

 Do yourself a favour, exist in photographs because it can be a powerful catalyst for memories, strengthening relationship bonds and improving ones self-confidence. The importance of existing in photographs can’t be stressed enough, do it while you still have the chance, postponement should not be an option.

 You should not base you decision to be photographed by comparing yourself to others, whether they be models, celebrities, etc. The photographs you create are for your personal enjoyment and those with whom you choose to share them with, the people who love and appreciate who you are. Let the photographs you create feed your heart, mind and soul, allow yourself the opportunity to be photographed in the way that you want.

 This is my Message to Women. WHY wait for your goal weight? Be beautiful now. You must exist in Photographs for those you love, including yourself. You are more than a dress size, you are a Mum, a wife, daughter and a best friend.

 The greatest gift that you can give yourself is the gift of empowerment.

 Book a shoot with me, it will change the way you see yourself.

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