The Impact Photography has on Our Lives
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January 2021

The Impact Photography has on Our Lives

From the moment photography was invented, it has had an impact on humankind. Granted that the first photographs took somewhere in the region of eight hours to take, but as new discoveries were made and technology advanced, the quality and the duration it took to make a photograph improved dramatically. Before this invention, the only way to capture a moment in time, whether of historical or personal value, was through artistic mediums like painting, drawing and sculpture. It was time consuming and frankly speaking, it was only available to those well off enough to afford the services of an artist.

Photography has made it possible, even more so in this current time, for people to capture and share their own history. While there are still artists, myself included, that offer the service to create beautiful pieces of art, a much larger percentage of the people around the world, now have the opportunity to capture their own moments. These can range from day to day experiences, to special events, you now have a chance to record your own history, your way. When you want those extra special photographs, that take skill, knowledge and artistry to produce, then you enlist the services of a professional photographer. It’s important to create both the everyday snapshot and also the finely crafted, professional photographs. It’s for this reason I tell people, looking at having their photography done professionally, not to base their choice solely on price. If a photographer is producing results that are only marginally better than what you yourself can produce, then it’s not worth parting with your cash for that, even if they are cheap. Rather save up your money and choose the best photographer you can afford, based on their skill, artistry and ability to produce the results you desire. The fact is that a finely crafted photograph will continue to grow in worth, as the years pass by. Photography is one of the greatest tools to preserve your memories, something that’s priceless, so why would you entrust them to somebody who doesn’t value them, and is just looking to make a quick buck, without a thought to how they are capturing your memories. Good photography is a wise investment.

The most noticeable advance in photography at this current moment, is the immediacy, not only of being able to capture and review the result right away, but of equal importance the ability to share that with people. This immediacy is not only wonderful for those everyday photos but it has made a massive impact on photo-journalism. Today, each one of us has the opportunity to capture a news-worthy event as it unfolds before our very own eyes. There are many stories of criminals being brought to book, because of photographs and video footage being captured, by people on the street. It has also proved to be a great tool to bring peoples attention to a cause.

As a professional photographer I have also witnessed the positive change in people I’ve photographed. For me it has been one of the greatest rewards to watch a person walk into my studio, who does not personally feel they look beautiful, and then when they see the results of our photoshoot together, they often will shed a happy tear or two, after seeing for themselves just how beautiful they really are. The ability for a finely crafted photograph to change the way a person feels about themselves, always amazes me. I absolutely live for that moment when people react so emotionally upon realising that they are beautiful.

I’ve also heard of stories of people being abused, and have the way they feel about themselves transform positively through photography. Often, those who have been through a traumatic experience, are made to feel like they are not worthy, not good enough, not beautiful enough, etc. They carry this stigma with them, long after the perpetrator has left, choosing to create a cocoon around themselves that essentially stops them from living and they just go through the motions of being alive. There are stories out there of photography helping individuals break out of this suffocating cocoon and positively changing their lives. The power of a beautiful image should not be underestimated. For all of us human beings, the need to feel loved, happy and beautiful is inherent, so if a positive opportunity presents itself, for you to do so, it should be taken.

Photographs can take your breath away, entertain, change your beliefs and improve your own self-confidence. It can change world opinions and fuel the engines of positive change. It also allows you to express your artistic side in front of the camera, you become a partner in the creation of that piece of art.

What better way to celebrate your life, who you are, and also have the ability to share that with people, than through the art of photography. Whether you choose to keep the results of your photoshoot private or share it with whomever, do yourself a favour and allow yourself the space to experience being photographed, through every stage of your life. A photograph can be a wonderful catalyst to remembering events that have faded over time. Its ability to be used as a story telling tool should not be underestimated either.

Use photography to positively impact on your life; if it makes a happier, more confident you, then why not? If you take a moment to contemplate, you will realise that the impact photography has on our lives is quite immense.

Ajay Lalbeharie Up