Hairstyle Ideas for Photo Shoots
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October 2021

Hairstyle Ideas for Photo Shoots

For the majority of women, their hair is their crowning glory. Hairstyles form part of their fashion statement and how they want to present themselves to the world. When it comes to being photographed, the same holds true. It’s is very important that you consider what your hair needs to look like for a photoshoot. Hair, along with makeup, wardrobe, grooming, location, genre, style, lighting, etc. is an important component for a successful shoot. It can help to massively bolster the look you are trying to portray.

When considering suitable hairstyles, take into account, the style of the photoshoot, genre, and what you are going to be wearing. The hairstyle should fit in as far as possible with this, so if you are shooting something glamorous, then your hairstyle should reflect that; are you shooting something outdoorsy? Make sure that that you hairstyle is in keeping with that.

It’s sometimes a nice idea to choose a flattering hairstyle that’s different from your norm. It can be quite a refreshing change and give the onlooker a little bit of a surprise.

Changes should never be too drastic. By that I mean, don’t cut long hair short just for the sake of the shoot. Work with what you have, and style it accordingly. Don’t do something that you are going to regret once the shoot is over.

Here’s some ideas to get you started.

Long Hair

This provides the largest range for creative hairdos. It can range from up-dos, to fancy braids, hair can be given lots of volume and curls. Ladies with long hair are not short of styling choices.

The Beach Wave

This suits lighter coloured hair best. This is great for more of an outdoor type shoot, it does not look over styled.

Beachy Waves

 Glamour Curls

A good way to add lots of volume to your hairs is with curls. It also creates lots of visual interest. This hairstyle can suit a variety of looks, from glamorous to sex-kitten. One of my personal favourites because it’s so versatile and frames the face beautifully.

Long Curly Glamour

Sleek & Straight

A great way to show of your long, straight hair. This is also quite versatile and hair always looks silky and beautiful.

Straight Hair


A huge variety of styles and braiding techniques are available, from the formal to casual.

Braids CasualBraids Formal

Face Framing Layers

Layers bring extra attention to the face because of the way they frame it, this one’s great for that bombshell look.

Layered Hair

The Modern Chignon

A fun twist on a classic style.

Modern Chignon

Vintage Hairstyles

These are all the rage at the moment. Whether you are shooting something retro in look or modern, they work perfectly. Look at hairstyles from about the 1920’s to 1970’s for inspiration. I’m a big fan of vintage inspired photography, fashion, design, clothing, cars and looks.

Finger WaveVintage Hair

Hair Accessories

A great way to play up you look even more is to include hair accessories. Anything from flowers to fascinators work very well.

Hair Accessories

Medium Length Hairstyles


A hairstyle that enhances the facial bone structure, it’s perfect for any classic dress.

Sophisticated hair

Shoulder Length Bob

A glamorous take on the classic bob, very versatile.

Shoulder Length Bob


Another take on the bob, this time filled with flirty curls.

Curly Hair

Glam Girl

A curly hairstyle that’s full of volume and movement.

Medium Curly GlamourMedium Wavy

Short Hairstyles

The Fringe

A versatile, easy to manage hair style, it works well worn up and down.

Fringe Up

The Bob

A head turning shot hairstyle that looks great in a variety of situations. Whether it’s straight, angled or with a fringe, it looks great.

Angled BobShort Bob


A closely cropped hairstyle with lots of sass.

Asymmetrical Pixie Haircut

Dual Texture Bob

Smooth shiny hair and gorgeous curls come together for the best of both worlds.

Dual Texture Bob

Short Spikey Hair

A spunky hairstyle that always look s great.

Short Spikey

Short Curls

Short Curly HairShort Curls

Asymmetrical Undercut

This hairstyle is undercut on one side and finished off with lots of volume on the other.

Asymmetrical UndercutFor more ideas and tips visit Latest Hairstyles


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