Why You Should Display Your Photographs
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September 2021

Why You Should Display Your Photographs

The importance of displaying photography in your home cannot be stressed enough. As I continue my journey as a photographer, I keep hearing how my customers are feeling the positive impact , from the initial boost to ones self-confidence and being made to look and feel beautiful, to the constant positive compliments they receive from people who see these photographs. These compliments you receive can do wonders for ones own self image, but it’s not the only reason you should have professionally shot photographs done and displayed.

 Photography is a great way to bring back old memories. How often have you opened an album and had a flood of memories wash over you as you look through the photographs? People, functions and activities you haven’t thought of in a long time are fondly remembered, you know these photographs, perhaps it’s the smile and bubbly personality of a loved one, or the crazy antics you got up to when you were younger. What cannot be disputed is that photography is a record of your history, it plays and important part in remembrance and also story telling.

 Another positive side effect of photography is that it helps people and family’s to bond. Those shared experiences captured in photos become a constant reminder of all the laughs, the fun, the good times, etc. We are not only reminded of that memory but also the people we had that experience with, these can become the very fibres by which our bonds with people can be strengthened. I’ve also found that in my approach to photography, where I aim to make people look and feel beautiful, that when husbands, boyfriends and family members in general see the photographs, they see the person differently. For some reason, they are reminded of that beautiful person in their lives and how much they have been taking them for granted. This has also proved to be the same for the person that is in the photograph, they see themselves in a new light and stop taking themselves for granted. They realise that they too are beautiful and this has a positive impact on the way they feel about themselves.

 Displaying photographs in the home, not only becomes a great talking point for guests, but also becomes a very personal way to beautify your home. It’s for this reason I always tell people to choose the best photographer they can. They should choose a photographer not based on price, but on the quality of work he produces, his creativity, artistic ability and how much of his heart and soul he pours into every picture he creates for you. What better way is there, than to beautify your home, with finely crafted personal photos that are unique to you.

 It is for these reasons, that I don’t offer digital files. Too often, a person purchases digital files from their photoshoot, and it never gets printed or displayed. The CD gets relegated to a drawer and is forgotten. You don’t need 150 photos on CD with slight changes in pose and location, what you need is a handful of finely crafted photos that move you emotionally and physically, that makes your heart sing and fills you with love and gratitude. I want you to display your photographs proudly, I want it to be a daily reminder of the beautiful person that you are, and most importantly I want it to give you confidence, and to make you love yourself and those that are dear to you more.

Ajay Lalbeharie Up