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November 2021


Self portrait of Ajay Lalbeharie, a photographer in Newcastle KZN

Hi, my name is Ajay Lalbeharie and I’m Graphic Designer, Photographer, and most importantly, an Artist. I believe in the innate power of photography, where words often fail to communicate who we are, how deeply we feel or how much we want to live rather than just going through the motions of life, a well crafted, creative¬†photo is better positioned to communicate this and more. To honour ourselves, our choices, emotions, impulses and those we hold dear to us through creative photography, is sublimely empowering and profoundly beautiful. For as long as I can remember, I’ve been infatuated with the ability of a picture to tell a story. A single moment in time captured, that has the power to move one emotionally, to pull at ones heartstrings, to thrill and bring a smile to ones face and for me personally, one of the biggest things is it’s ability to transform positively the way we view ourselves as individuals, as well as¬†those we love and also the world at large.

More than anything I want whoever graces the front of my camera, to feel beautiful, sexy, to love themselves and for my photography to give them more confidence in their daily lives. They say that people in love look at the world through rose tinted glasses; wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing to do for ourselves? As far as possible I try to keep the results of my work positive, we can never have too much positivity in our lives. Whether I’m shooting creative portraits or photography that appeals on a more sensual level, I’m continually trying to make moments unforgettable.

I truly believe that a photograph should be more than just a representation of your likeness, it should capture who you are, your personality, emotions, dreams, and the things you love. Whether it’s just you or a bigger audience that you choose to share your photographs with, they should be able to connect with you on an emotional level and get some insight into who you are as a person when viewing them.

More than anything, I would love to empower people to love and reconnect with themselves and those that mean the most to them. Whether you have just come out of a traumatic experience or are in a happier place in your life, we all need to positively reconnect with ourselves and loved ones more often, I know this is of great importance. I’m deeply passionate about what I do and I believe in the power of photography to positively change the world.

Don’t wait to lose weight, grow your hair, look better, etc., allow yourself to exist in photographs today because nobody knows what tomorrow may bring. Allow yourself and your loved ones to celebrate you through photography. I have personally found photographs to be an amazing catalyst to remembering special moments and many a family has bonded together by looking at photographs and sharing their special memories. Today is the right time to be photographed. One day these photographs will be priceless to them.

Discretion is one of the key pillars of my business, I firmly believe that a person has the right to choose who they want to share their photos with.

I invite you to a personal photo session with me, it will change the way you feel about yourself.
Tel: 034 312 2423

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