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May 2021

Over 30 and Loving it

Over 30 and Loving it

Kim came to my attention via my makeup artist and good friend Tarryn Venter. I was looking for someone that was over thirty to pose for me and she suggested her. At the time of the photoshoot, Kim was forty three years young and a proud mother of two grown up children. She’s very much the family person and enjoys spending as much time with them as possible. Having grown up on a farm, has made her an outdoors person with a great love for animals, she currently resides in Newcastle KZN.

This was the very first time that Kim had decided to pose for a photoshoot. She had arrived with Tarryn, looking quite nervous. That soon changed thanks to Tarryn, the one thing I noticed with her is her ability to make people feel at ease whilst doing their makeup. It’s the way she talks to you, touches your face and pampers you that makes people relax and feel calm.


Once Kim was ready, I walked her out on to the set and explained how I was going to photograph her. With this being her first time, I helped her throughout the shoot to pose, giving her lots of direction and encouragement. She was very easy to work with and I had a good time working with her. She tried on different clothing and I photographed her in all of them.

I must say both Kim and I were very happy with the results, this is what she had to say in her own words, “My first reaction when I saw them, was wow!!!! u did such a good job. I couldn’t believe that it was me.”

 This is the kind of reaction I strive for in everyone I shoot. I want you to see your own beauty.


So if you a mature woman consider me for your next photoshoot, I absolutely love working with you ladies. Most people assume that I only work with young, model-like women, this is not true. The only reason you see more young women in my portfolio is that they seem to be more comfortable with having their photos displayed on the internet. Over time I hope to change that and also the way mature women feel about themselves. I would absolutely love it if more mature women would contact me to be photographed and also give me the opportunity to showcase their beauty in my portfolio. Beauty is not the sole preserve of the young. As a woman, you should not be comparing yourself to those seen in magazines, you should be allowing yourself the space to see your own beauty, through every stage of your life. At the same time, see it in others too.

I look forward to the opportunity to work with you.

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