10 Excuses that You Should Ignore when Considering Doing a Boudoir Photoshoot
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September 2021

10 Excuses that You Should Ignore when Considering Doing a Boudoir Photoshoot

1. I don’t look like a model.

Contrary to what most people believe, I don’t work exclusively with models. In fact, more than 90% of my customers are everyday women, just like yourself. Most models don’t even look like what you see in magazines without the hair, makeup, wardrobe, professional photography and retouching. Google “Models before and after” or “with and without makeup”, there are many examples of what people look like without being all done up. A great many of the things used to give models that polished look you see in magazines, is employed by me to make you look your absolute best.

You should also not worry about things like stretch marks, pimples, bad skin, etc., they will be professionally retouched out by me using Photoshop, leaving you with blemish free, natural looking skin.


2. I’m too shy.

A boudoir photo session is something that’s intimate and private. When shooting a boudoir session, I don’t make use of assistants, it’s usually just you, the makeup artist and I. One of my jobs as a photographer is to make you comfortable so that you can let you hair down and enjoy the experience of being fussed over and photographed. This photoshoot, is about your definition of sexy, nobody else’s. There is no judgement on a photoshoot by me, I am there solely to make you look and feel beautiful. I also want to ensure that you walk away with the most beautiful photos you have seen of yourself, that celebrates your sensuality. I promise you, you’ll have a new sense of confidence once you see the photographs. You will be able to carry that same confidence into other areas of your life.


3. I don’t know how to pose.

This is something that you don’t have to worry about. I will constantly give you direction as to how to pose during the entire photoshoot. I will constantly give you feedback so that you no exactly how well you are doing. If there’s a specific pose that you want, please let me know, I’ll gladly accommodate you.


4. I’m too overweight, I need to lose a few kilos first.

Too overweight according to which standard? Don’t let somebody else’s idea of what’s beautiful be the yardstick by which you measure yourself. Some of the best photo sessions that I’ve been part of, have been with curvier woman. I absolutely love photographing curvy women, and I have spent a considerable amount of time learning how to light and pose them, so that they can celebrate those gorgeous curves.

Don’t wait to lose those extra kilos before being photographed. I’ve had many women wait for this to happen in the past, the vast majority of them never turn up for a photoshoot. This is due to either not losing the weight or because of something happening in their life that stops them from doing so. Life throws us many curveballs, if you keep waiting for the perfect time, you will probably never get down to doing it. My advice to you is to not wait, do it now while you still have the chance, with that extra weight, and if you lose that weight somewhere down the line, great, let’s set up another photoshoot celebrating your achievement.


5. I’m too old for a boudoir photo session.

I’m afraid this is not true, I’ve photographed women well past what you would consider middle-aged. Feelings and looks don’t shut down with age, and you are never to old to feel special, appreciated, beautiful, desirable, etc. Granted you may not want to pose like a younger person, I can absolutely photograph you in a way that feels classy and age appropriate to you. You may be thinking that this is only for younger women, but this is not true, you still have the opportunity to celebrate yourself, through every stage of your life.


6. My photographs will end up on the internet.

At Ajay Lalbeharie Photography, client privacy is my number one priority and I go to great lengths to ensure that your privacy remains intact. If ever I want to use your photographs in my portfolio or blog, I will only do so if you give written permission. I absolutely have love and deep respect for all my customers, and I will always respect your right to privacy as you wish. I have nothing to gain by splashing your photographs on the internet and losing you as a customer.


7. I can shop around for a better deal.

As a woman, you should never relegate you private moments to the bargain bin. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. You should rather save up your money over a period of time and then choose by whom you want to be photographed. Comparing photographers on price is the wrong way to go about doing this. You should instead be looking at the quality of work, the service and experience you receive, the integrity of the photographer and the way he conducts himself while photographing you. As a photographer, I will make sure that I earn every cent you pay by producing the most beautiful photographs you have seen of yourself and by treating you like an absolute gentlemen would.


8. My family and friends will not approve of me doing this.

Well, to be honest with, you are doing this primarily for yourself, you don’t need anyone else’s approval. Photography of this nature is usually for ones own personal enjoyment or done as a gift for your boyfriend or life partner. In these circumstances, which also may happen to be the first time that you are doing something like this, it is advisable to discuss it with your significant other before doing a shoot like this. Most life partners are over the moon that you considered doing something special like this for them. Photography of this nature is usually kept private, so the only way somebody is going to find out, is if you tell them.

9. But you are going to see me naked.

The choice to be photographed nude is a personal one, it’s a decision each person makes for themselves, and at no point will you be pressured into doing something that you are not comfortable with. I will always respect how you want to be photographed, your photoshoot can be shot clothed, in lingerie, semi nude, nude or a combination you are comfortable with. I am a professional, and if you choose to be photographed in a state of undress, you have my word that I will treat you with love, respect and dignity. The same way you trust your doctor or the masseuse at you favourite spa, you can trust me to be professional and discreet.

I am here to provide you with a service that allows you to be photographed in the way that you want. You might be a little nervous when we start the photoshoot, but you will soon realise that you are in a safe environment and begin to relax and enjoy the experience. You will be surprised at how liberating it can be, it’s something I hear often from people I’ve photographed. It also positively affects ones own confidence.

If you are scared to do it alone, consider getting a friend to purchase a photo session along with yours. You can be there to morally support each other, create some cool memories together and walk away with beautiful photography. I’ve shot friends together on the same day a couple of times, and I must tell you it can be an absolute blast, there’s lots of teasing and giggles.


10. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

Well, I hope not, once you’ve crossed it off your personal bucket list, I hope that you will use every opportunity you get to have yourself photographed, through every stage of your life. I have many clients who love the experience so much, that they save up to be photographed by me every six months to a year. Each time we do so, we together formulate a plan that makes sure we are shooting with lots of variation in terms of style and location. In this way they are able to build up a body of work that is not repetitive and also gives them new memories that they can fondly recall many years down the line when the look at the photos.

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